Holy cave of the Archangel Michael (UNESCO)

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According the tradition between the fifth and sixth centuries, St. Michael the Archangel appeared in a dream to the Bishop of Siponto. From that moment the cave became the center of the cult of San Michael, which spread from there throughout Europe. Archaeological investigations instead, date the building of the first structures in the 7th century.

In any case, this marked the fate of the place, which had already become an important stop on the Via Sacra Micaelica, the medieval religious journey that led the devotees from Mont Saint-Michel in France to the Holy Land. Around the cave, the first nucleus of the sanctuary dedicated to the Archangel Michael, were built some accommodations for the pilgrims and the first houses of the town, which then expanded in a scenic position on the hill with a maze of alleys and stairways. Monte Sant’Angelo today is a truly evocative stop with its important medieval monuments, its white terraced houses close to each other and its atmospheres still pervaded with strong spirituality.

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