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Telephone: 0884 564164
E-mail: agenziadisviluppo@galgargano.com
Website: www.galgargano.com
GAL Gargano Agenzia di Sviluppo,
Via Jean Annot sn
Postal code 71037, Monte Sant’Angelo (FG)
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GAL Gargano Agenzia di Sviluppo s.c.a r.l. is a limited liability consortium having mutual purpose. It can’t distribute any profits to shareholders.

In conformance with art. 2602 c.c. It fulfils the common established organization by shareholders, for the achievement of the aim, optimizing the technical, operative, administrative, managing, financial and functional capacities of the shareholders.

The company is primarily a Local Action Group (LAG) as planned by Measure 19 “Support for Local Leader Development” of the of Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014-2020 of the Apulia Region, approved for the realization of EU Regulation n. 1305/2013. LAG is responsible for the realization of the Rural Development Plan (RDP), Local Development Strategy (LDS), for Community Led Local Development (CLLD) and the elaboration of the Local Action Plan (LAP).

LAG only operates within the Municipalities whose territory is included in the RDP and in compliance with the provisions of UE, National and Regional plans. LAG as Development Agency:

  • establishes, organizes and carries out, also in collaboration with other organizations, training, qualification and specialization courses; “higher learning” for the unemployed, businessman, employees and their families;
  • promotes, implements, manages and develops U.E. programs and actions
  • assists, single or associated companies in technical and business development activities;
  • aids and organization services about:
    • management;
    • research and development;
    • logistics and distribution;
    • marketing and commercial penetration;
    • import-export;
    • economic-financial problems;
    • office problems;
    • data processing;
    • energy;
  • provides technology transfer and information brokering services useful for the business world;
  • deals with advertising services and advertising campaigns for every kind of product;
  • promotes and manages the execution of studies and interventions concerning territorial and sector planning;
  • promotes, plans and coordinates projects about “Socially Useful Jobs”, “Public Utility Jobs”, temporary work, teleworking, etc.;
  • promotes and manages the commercialization of local farming and typical products;
  • creates and promotes brands to protect the local rural products;
  • carries out editorial and printing activity with particular reference to economic-rural, technical, cultural and popular issues and problems;
  • achieves newspapers, magazines, books, CD ROM and audiovisuals and discloses them by any means of press, cinema, radio, television, etc.;
  • deals with the promotion and management of the agritourism;
  • deals with the study of the environment including actions to protect it and the prevention of pollution;
  • promotes the development of handicraft

The company for the achievement of the corporate purpose, can carry out its activity in a direct form or through specific agreements with professionals, specialized companies and credit institutions and associations. LAG can also participate in other companies having the same goals.