So various and surprising, the Gargano must be fully lived through the many experiences, suitable for everyone, recomended by our portal.

This portal wants to allow you to live a tale that winds along the small historical centers, the deep valleys,
the coastal towers and invites you to discover the "Mountain of the sun", its hidden landscapes, its traditions and its oriental flavors.
And in the spirit of discovery and exploration we invite you to live the proposed experiences
and get to know the Gargano to tell it.

Sport and nature

From the UNESCO Umbra Forest to the paths along the coast, from the deep caves to the sea waves on the shores and to the rich seabed of the Tremiti Islands, the Gargano is an incredible setting for sports and nature lovers.

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Art and culture

The Gargano is a land deeply linked to religious cults, in its ancient towns offers suggestions ranging from prehistory to the architecture that fuses European and Eastern old stories and styles, together

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The culinary culture of Gargano is deeply linked to the traditional activities of pastoralism and fishing, extremely different from town to town. It’s an authentic and unique cuisine from Puglia

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The tradition of the Gargano becomes an unforgettable experience in the handicraft workshops situated in the small and ancient streets of the towns of the Gargano National Park. Here the old artisans hand down their know how to the new generations

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Farmhouses and Educational farmhouse offer the opportunity to come into contact with the deeper aspects of the Gargano, by means of experiential journey and educational workshops ranging from agriculture to archeology

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Fun, cultural events and other initiatives that enrich your holiday
The nature of the Gargano takes shape of food with its intense scents and flavors

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